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The Prototype

                                                                  V1                                                                                                                                                                      S1
Bianco-Gibson Bianco #2Bianco Prototype #3BiancoBianco Design #2
Bianco - Bennett #1Bianco - Bennett #2Bianco Bianco Bianco
AbusedIn the worksHendrix Plays OnIn the worksPaisley Country

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 Chopper Shop Guitars 

Hand Carved Bodies

If you would like to order a Chopper Shop Guitar to your liking please feel free to contact us 

Standard finishes and hardware 


Hard maple neck with rosewood fret board 24 3/4, 25 1/2: Optional

1 11/16" nut

Medium jumbo frets

Locking tuners for easy string change

Pickups: Your request 

Top load bridge for easy string change

Chopper Shop Guitars are hand built for maximum tone and comfort. Our necks have a silky smooth satin or super high gloss finish 

At this time it is taking 4 to 6 weeks to complete a guitar


Price: $2500.00 Free Shipping

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