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Bianco GuitarsSince 1975 I have been building, painting and customizing motorcycles and motorcycle parts.  During my motorcycle business friends and customers were fascinated by the quality of my work and I received many requests to also paint, repair and customize their cars and others asked me to customize their guitars. I would take on anything that people would ask me to do. Vintage soda machines, bicycles, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, lawn tractors, and I even custom painted doors and trim for a house to name a few. I became known as the custom paint king of Connecticut.  During this  time I began to play the guitar, write songs, sing and build my own guitars and continue to do so in my chopper shop, henceforth, Chopper Shop Guitars. Choppers, cars, and guitars. I started as Bianco Guitars but I liked and thought the name of Chopper Shop Guitars was more fitting. Bianco was my dads name before it was changed to English. 

God bless,
Val John White                                                                     



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